About Me


Lorenzo Quint studies Interactive Media Design. He works by reflecting on a topic, trying out, and prototyping. He focuses on contemporary topics that are driven by opinion and the provision of information. He investigates his topics by deconstructing it to its etymology vs how it is practiced. Research can mean anything: walking on the street, behaviour on, and offline. He is inspired by visual research and daily life topics like going to the supermarket and suddenly seeing it without the flesh. Personal interests include accessibility, neurodiversity and inequality in systems. He’s aware of his own irony. In the sense that nobody doesn't have double standards and behaviour can contradict early statements. He likes to work through sketching, writing, game engines, and beauty in raw aesthetics.
His skills are humour, illustration, satire, videos, critical deconstruction. He works with (digital and analogue), drawing tools, game engines, screens, video, desktop (desktop publishing / Adobe program). He cares about daily life and infrastructural obstacles, institutional critique, absurdity, developing understanding, and social concern.

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